We’re a growing company that’s capable, experienced, thoroughly certified, and committed to getting it done right the first time and out the yard gate fast, so our customers can get their new pressure asset, compressed gas system or other custom-manufactured component into service as quickly as possible.

Listening to customers — from idea to solution. With passion and pride. The MaXfield way.

Why Us

The MaXfield Difference

We don’t just make parts — we design, fabricate and package working equipment, components, modules, even entire plants including the skids they’re mounted on. That makes MaXfield a one-stop solution — a big leg up over many competitors. This focus has positioned us along the entire oil and natural gas value chain — from exploration for the commodities, through processing and refining, all the way to their end-use as finished products like propane and fertilizer. 

Careers at Maxfield

As a growing company with facilities in three provinces, MaXfield regularly hires new staff. Welding, pipefitting and general labour are the most commonly hired job classes. In addition we have many other job categories, from engineering to accounting.

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