As a leading Canadian manufacturer of vessels for the compressed gas energy industries, MaXfield LP’s roots go back to the founding of Western Rock Bit (WRB)  in 1962, by several Calgary based drilling companies.

WRB established a fabricating and forging facility in Calgary, assembling drill bits under a license agreement with Hughes Tools, TX. Following certifications as an ASME Pressure Vessel Manufacturer, WRB expanded into forging cylinders for the propane industry, along with manufacturing 1,000 USWG domestic propane tanks and 5,000 to 18,000 USWG propane storage vessels. Later, as a CSA-B620 Certified Shop, WRB designed/built and assembled vessels for propane delivery units, while providing M-1/M-5 inspections and related service or repair work.

In 1983, to meet demands for larger pressure vessels required by an expanding energy processing sector, the Company built a 60,000 square-foot facility in Crossfield, AB, adjacent to a rail siding and direct access to major highways. From the Crossfield facility, 120,000 USWG and larger vessels exceeding 200,000 USWG, were designed, engineered, manufactured for processing facilities throughout Western Canada and other destinations within Canada.

Other products offered by WRB included TC-331 B-Trains and Trailers, specifically designed and engineered for transporting LPG, LNG, Butane, NH3 and CO2.

On March 18, 2002, three former long-term employees of Western Rock Bit and other industry veterans, founded MaXfield LP, purchasing the Crossfield facilities and product designs. Starting with just 27 employees, MaXfield focused on continuing to provide high- quality pressure vessels and TC-331 transport trailers.

In 2005, a 12,000 square-foot facility was opened in Saskatoon, SK, primarily to service the NH3 markets and to pursue growth opportunities. This was followed in 2007, by opening an 8,000 square foot facility in Brandon, MB, to service the regional LPG and NH3 markets.

MaXfield increased the Crossfield facility in 2009, with a 42,000 square-foot expansion, including a new transportation truck shop and office, bringing the complex to a combined 140,000 square feet. By 2014, the number of MaXfield employees had increased to 250. Effective January 26, 2018, TerraVest Industries (TSX:TVK) acquired MaXfield LP and continues to operate Maxfield as a leading manufacture of pressure vessel storage and transportation equipment, through a natural extension of TerraVest’s existing operations across Canada and into the United States. Moving forward, MaXfield is capitalizing on opportunities for synergies, efficiencies and growth through TerraVest’s other industry leading steel manufacturing entities, including Pro-Par Inc, Signature Truck Systems, Fischer Tanks, NWP Industries, RJV Gas Field Services, EnviroVault LP, Segretech Inc and Granby Industries.