Nurse Wagons

Maxfield’s Nurse Wagon’s are designed and manufactured in Canada specifically Canadian farmers and retailers. All Maxfield wagons are fully Transport Canada complaint and designed to work in conjunction with Maxfield bulk delivery trailers to provide industry leading fill rates.


Maxfield standard designs include a Single 2000, Twin 2000 and the industry’s LARGEST available wagon, a single 5500.  All wagons utilize Canadian made Maxfield vessels and Wadena Steel wagons.


Model Single 2000 Twin 2000 Single 5500
Capacity 2000 USWG 4000 USWG 5500 USWG
Appro.x Weight Tank only 5,100lbs 10,200lbs 15,000lbs
CS Air Box Included Yes Yes Yes
Tire Size 21.5/16 23.1/26F 30.5/32R 28L/26F 20.8/38 Duals
Withdrawal Nozzle Size 1-1/4” 1-1/4” 2”
Rear Fill Nozzle Size 1 ¼” 1 ¼” 3”