7 Common Types of Trailers

7 Common Types of Trailers

Which One Fits Your Needs?

We all know there is a huge variety of transportation equipment available on the market today.  Many of these transportation vessels are so specialized that you may not even be aware of them or of their impressive specifications.

As one of Calgary’s most specialized trailer manufacturers, we wanted to describe some of the different types of trailers on the market and their capability to haul just about any kind of freight you need transported.      

  • Flat Bed Trailers – These are popular amongst freight haulers due to their versatility and durability.  You can load a flatbed from any angle and they can carry up to 48,000 lbs of freight making them extremely useful and accessible.
  • Dry Van/Enclosed Trailers – These are your typical box trailers that you see every day on the highways.  These trailers provide protection from outdoor factors like rain, snow or dust.  These are loaded from the rear end and at a loading dock.  They can carry up to 45,000 lbs of weight.
  • Refrigerated Trailers/Reefers – These are used to haul contents that are perishable or that need to stay cold.  Reefers can hold up to 45,000 lbs of freight and are loaded from the rear.
  • Lowboy Trailers – Are designed to carry tall items such as trucks or large equipment.  They sit low to the ground, hints the name, and they can carry up to 80,000 lbs if they’re equipped with 2 axles.
  • Stretch Trailers:  Single & Double – Singles are used to carry extremely long freight and can carry up to 45,000 lbs.  Doubles are used for any oversized loads and comes with an indentation in the midsection to allow for taller/larger freight to fit.  Doubles also hold up to 45,000 lbs.
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) – Also used for hauling oversized cargo, RGNs can create a ramp with their detachable front-end to accommodate more specialized freight.  They can carry up to 150,000 lbs depending on the number of axles.     
  • Specialized Trailers – These are manufactured for specialty freight and typically are used in conjunction with RGNs or Dolly Trailers.  The maximum weight they can carry is 200,000 lbs or even more.

Regardless of what you’re hauling, at MaXfield we have the expertise to recommend and manufacture the proper transportation vessel for your freight and business’s needs.  If you have any questions about how to haul your freight or which trailer is best suited for your cargo, give us a call today 403.258.3680.    


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