A Track Record of Quality Manufacturing: The History of MaXfield Inc.

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A company’s growth can only happen when its customers demand it. Such is the case for MaXfield, which started out in 2002 in Crossfield and Calgary, with just 27 employees.

Today, the company includes six service lines serving five industries, with manufacturing facilities in three Western Canadian cities including Crossfield, Brandon and Saskatoon, along with a sales office in Calgary.

How did it all happen? The key to MaXfield’s success is their continual commitment to quality custom manufacturing, incorporating design and engineering capabilities. Over the years, our customers recognized the difference that comes from attention to details and superior products, spurring our company toward continued growth.

In reality, the company called MaXfield Inc today, started out in 1962 as Western Rock Bit Co. Ltd. ­– many members of MaXfield’s current leadership team worked for Western Rock Bit some 40 years ago, building pressure vessel assets. Today, pressure vessels remain one of our top products, partly because of the extensive experience we’ve injected into that product.

Here are some snapshots of how MaXfield came to be the industry-leading company it is today:

2002: MaXfield is created by a small group of fabricating industry veterans who open a shop in Crossfield, Alberta, and an office in Calgary.

2005: MaXfield opens a 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with a goal to serve our agricultural customers and pursue growth opportunities in that area.

2006: MaXfield’s employee base counts 100 people.

2007: In Brandon, Manitoba, we open an 8,000 sq. ft. facility, geared primarily toward customers in the agricultural and LPG sectors.

2008: MaXfield acquires Aqtion Inc., a structural fabricator based in Calgary, which is amalgamated with MaXfield in 2010.

2009: We launch a $4-million, 42,000 sq. ft. expansion of the Crossfield facility, including new shop and offices, bringing the complex to a combined 114,000 sq. ft. Completed in April 2010 , the project adds substantially to our capabilities, including new service lines for pipe spooling and structural skid manufacturing.

2010: The year-end count of our MaXfield team shows 250 people. Numbers show that our annual sales increased eight times our first year’s totals.

2011: The facility in Brandon is slated for its first expansion, and inroads are made with our manufacturing and fabrication of energy processing-related equipment and notice an increased demand for larger-capacity pressure vessels.

2013: Construction on a 12,000 sq. ft. preparation building begins at our Crossfield facilities to help us more efficiently meet the growing demand for our products/services.

Today: Growth continues as our quality manufactured and engineered products spark increased demand from our target industries. Meanwhile our commitment to producing the best products on the market hasn’t faltered. We’ve also initiated our Online Asset Tracking System to allow customers an easy way to see and track documents and service tickets related to products manufactured or serviced by us.

To find out more about what MaXfield can do for you, contact us today at (403) 258-3680.

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