About OATS: MaXfield's Online Asset Tracking System

At MaXfield, we’re committed to providing our customers with a full-service model. We recognize that each one of our customers have a unique business with specific requirements. Our custom manufactured pressure assets require very specific tracking and maintenance as long as they are in service. In order to aid with the burden of this paperwork we are proud to offer our Online Asset Tracking System, or OATS.

OATS is our latest innovation that gives our customers access to online records about the pressure assets they purchase from MaXfield. We believe that logging, documenting and creating a convenient access point for maintenance, repairs and any other type of service to your MaXfield pressure assets represents an added benefit that helps complete the circle of MaXfield’s line of products and services. It’s just one more way MaXfield is able to provide the ultimate solution for our wide range of clients.

No one really likes paperwork. Luckily, digital filing has come a long way since its inception and makes accessing documents far simpler than rifling through drawers or boxes full of messy and disorganized folders. OATS takes the idea of convenience further as a sort of one-stop-shop for all the documents related to any of your MaXfield-manufactured assets.

For example, when the time comes to sell a piece of equipment, how will you find the right documents to present to the purchaser? Or in the case of a third party audit, how much effort and cost will it be to your business to gather up the complete history of all equipment? Life would be much simpler if these documents were online and easy to find.

Enter OATS.

The gateway to OATS is our Customer Portal, which is password-protected and secured by 2000k encryption to keep your sensitive documents secure. By logging onto the database within, you’ll be able to access the complete historical documentation of every item manufactured, inspected or otherwise serviced for you by MaXfield.

By entering the unit’s serial number, you’ll be able to access:

  • copies of safety certificates and regulatory documentation
  • reports on annual inspection findings
  • the full record from the unit’s most recent five-year test
  • any other records relating to repairs, upgrades, services, inspections, overhauls or unusual work.

Thanks to this convenient database of records, it’s easy to provide a buyer with all the documentation and specs for a successful sale.

For more information on MaXfield’s OATS system, or our line of pressure vessels and custom manufactured pressure assets, contact our sales centre in Calgary at (403) 258-3680 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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