Farm Safety and Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)

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As the Alberta government debates passing Bill 6, a controversial farm safety bill, Albertans everywhere are reminded of the dangers that can exist on farms, from large equipment to potentially harmful chemicals. One chemical commonly found on farms across the country is anhydrous ammonia, which is commonly used as an agricultural fertilizer. Farmers use this nitrogen and hydrogen based chemical in liquid form as a fertilizer. This chemical improves harvests by providing crops with important nutrients and can reduce mold growth in farming environments.

Unfortunately this highly useful chemical is also dangerous when handled inappropriately, or placed in storage or truck mounted containers that are not up to code. As farmers everywhere settle down for the winter and await the spring planting, now is the perfect time to perform maintenance on important farming equipment. Prior to the planting season it is vital that all farming equipment be properly inspected so that potential safety hazards can be identified and rectified before they pose a danger.

Government Agricultural Agencies require that all farming equipment, including that used for distributing Anhydrous ammonia, are properly inspected. To help you ensure your equipment is in proper shape MaXfield offers:

  • Certified inspection and re-testing of equipment
  • Equipment field servicing
  • An in-house Online Asset Tracking System (OATS) that allows you secure access to all service records, inspection reports, specifications and certificates/documentation on all MaXfield built equipment

Anhydrous ammonia is a dangerous chemical that can cause catastrophic damage and severe injuries if not handled properly. By handling it properly and ensuring all related farming equipment is in proper condition Alberta farmers and their crops can continue to benefit from this vital fertilizer.

For more information on anhydrous ammonia or to inquire about an inspection contact MaXfield today at 403.258.3680 and visit today.

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