MaXfield's Online Asset Tracking System (OATS)

Calgary, Alberta – MaXfield is excited to introduce our Online Asset Tracking System, also known as OATS. OATS provides both our staff and our customers with an online portal that allows paperwork and records to be tracked and monitored with ease. In this blog we'll find out a little bit more about OATS and what advantages it will bring to our field.

As high-end industrial equipment manufacturers, we know how much of a burden records and paperwork can be. There's either so many pages that it's hard to store them in an orderly and easily retrievable fashion, or there's just one single page that must not be forgotten, no matter what. All this important paperwork must be stored away safely for years, until all of a sudden it needs to be produced for insurance claims, equipment check ups or for making a sale. How was this managed before? It used to be rows of binders, stacks of paper, and draws full of receipts, but now with the recent advancements in technology and the Internet, our Online Asset Tracking System can now take care of these inconveniences.

How Does OATS work?

As a MaXfield customer all you need to do is to login to our secure Customer Portal using your unique password and username, and in minutes you'll have access to the complete list of paperwork and records for the products that MaXfield have manufactured or serviced for you.

By entering your unit's serial number, you'll gain access to the following:

  • Annual inspection records for the past five years
  • All copies of safety and regulatory documents
  • Full record of the most recent five-year test
  • All service, upgrade and repair work

These files are stored permanently on our Online Asset Tracking System so no matter whether you need to access them in ten months, or ten years, they'll be there waiting for you at the click of a button.

So why suffer the burden of paperwork and record keeping when you can let an asset tracking system like OATS take care of everything? By using a system like OATS, you can streamline your operation by reducing your time spent of collecting, organizing and keeping track of paperwork.

To find out more about our Online Asset Tracking System, or OATS, contact MaXfield today on (403) 258-3680.

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