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MaXfield is western Canada’s choice for custom pressure assets. A natural outgrowth from our extensive experience and proven track record, MaXfield also supplies high quality insulated cryogenic assets, which are typically used for CO2 or N2 service. Our premier cryogenic assets are manufactured from mild or high-tensile steel and can be used for fixed location or mobile applications.

The advantage of choosing MaXfield is our expert knowledge and experience in the field of pressure assets. Not only is our team equipped to create custom cryogenic assets to meet you needs but we also have extensive experience repairing roll over and accident damaged cryogenic transports as well. We are always up to date on the latest safety regulations and codes governing cryogenic storage equipment so you can rest assured that your assets are safe and in compliance. We do all our design and fabrication in house at one of our 3 production facilities and are more than happy to integrate third party parts that we don’t manufacture into your insulated cryogenic asset. This allows us to fully control the process, assuring our high standards are met and deliver a fully finished product that is ready for use and allows us to offer convenience, speed, reliability and a single point of accountability.

MaXfield designs, manufactures, maintains and inspects:

  • Vacuum-insulated cryogenic cargo transports
  • Conventionally insulated cargo transports
  • Insulated cryogenic storage assets
  • Mobile storage (Queen units)
  • Custom fabricated equipment

MaXfield also offers all clients complete access to all service records and other relevant documentation in an easy to use, cloud based storage system called OATS. OATS (Online Asset Tracking System) lets you access all your documents instantly from anywhere in the world, and makes it easy to manage the paperwork associated with your assets.

MaXfield has you and your insulated cryogenic assets covered. Not only do we offer a superior product, we also perform re-mountings and re-testings at our facilities and provide on-site inspections, field installation, maintenance and upgrades. This allows us to work with you to find options that meet your needs and are safe, effective and economical.

For more information on insulated cryogenic assets visit or call 403.258.3680.

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