MaXfield Supplies Vital Equipment for Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry

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MaXfield Supplies Vital Equipment for Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry

Did you know that MaXfield supplies vital equipment to all three streams of the oil and gas industry? Find out here.

Whether it’s exploring for oil in Northern Alberta or processing crude oil at a refinery, one thing is certain, you’ll find MaXfield’s presence in all sectors of the oil and gas industry. The petroleum industry is commonly broken down into three sections: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, each sector playing a key role. Continue reading this week’s blog to find out what each sector consists of and how MaXfield is supplying vital equipment to each. 


The upstream sector consists of exploration and production. It’s the one most closely associated with oil and gas. This sector involves searching for underground oil fields and then drilling the wells to bring to surface the crude oil or natural gas. With new technologies and methodologies in finding and drilling crude oil, it is essential that suppliers to the industry, such as MaXfield be on the cutting edge. Upstream is the front line of the oil and gas industry and you’ll find our pressure assets on site.  MaXfield commonly builds customized process equipment for many customers to lower the total capital costs of projects.


The midstream sector is essentially the movement of product from refineries and drilled wells, commonly by: pipeline, rail, oil tanker and truck transport. The midstream sector also involves elements in the processing plants and refineries. At MaXfield our presence in this sector can be found with supplied: Gas plant equipment, storage assets, inlet separator assets and custom asset fabrication, just to name a few. We also design and manufacture equipment for transportation of pressure assets that meet and exceed all Alberta highway regulations. 


The downstream sector primarily deals with the refining of petroleum crude oil along with the distribution of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, natural gas and other fuels. There is some overlap between the downstream and midstream sectors. At MaXfield we strongly believe that refineries would benefit with regionally manufactured equipment for the downstream sector. One such benefit is the simplification of delivering any refined fuels in a timely manner. We also provide custom refinery process columns and custom fabricated pressure assets. 

Whether it’s the Upstream-Midstream-Downstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Alberta, MaXfield is your solution for manufactured equipment and pressure assets. For more information on MaXfield’s line of pressure vessels and all other products supplied in the oil and gas industry contact our sales team in Calgary at (403) 258-3680.

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