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Helping Your Hydroelectric Dam Power Canada

Though Alberta is known for its Oil and Gas sector, the majority of Canada’s electricity is actually generated by hydroelectric dams. Canada is the world’s second largest producer of hydroelectricity, and as of 2006 59% the electricity we use was produced this way.

With so many Canadians relying on hydroelectric dams to power their homes and businesses it is imperative that they function properly and experience a minimum amount of downtime. That is why so many hydroelectric companies turn to MaXfield. We understand that hydroelectric generation places unique demands on fabricated metal components because of the enormous hydraulic pressure, friction and wear that they experience. That is why we design them specifically with those stresses in mind, so that you know you are getting a part you can rely on.

MaXfield specializes in custom manufactured parts and equipment for a variety of industries including hydroelectric dams, and is the leading Canadian manufacturer of:

  • Penstocks
  • Large diameter steel pipes
  • Steel liners
  • Bifurcations

Making parts that can stand up to the stresses they are exposed to in hydroelectric dams can be tricky, but is no problem for the experts at MaXfield. We are equipped to handle the entire process, from design to manufacturing to maintenance, saving you time and money. We have also recently debuted our Online Asset Tracking System, OATS, so that you can easily track and access all the paperwork associated with your parts and equipment from wherever you are.

When you need a solid part that can stand up under the pressure of the job you need a MaXfield designed and manufactured part. That way you know you can rely on it to do the job so that you can do your job and help continue to provide Canada with the hydroelectricity we depend on.

If you need parts for your Hydroelectric dam call MaXfield today at 403.258.3680 and visit for more information.

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