Pressure Vessel Certifications: What They Mean for Customers

Overview: MaXfield designs, manufactures and distributes pressure vessels to customers all over Western Canada. Not only do our pressure vessel units meet and exceed our own high standards, we also ensure that every single unit meets the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certification Program guidelines. Find out more about these standards here.

The ASME Pressure Vessel and Boiler Certification code was created to regulate safety and quality standards in the pressure vessel industry. ASME began offering their highly respected certifications in 1916 and since then they have developed certifications for a variety of boiler and pressure vessel units. These certifications include:

  • Power Boilers Section I
  • Heating Boilers Section IV
  • Pressure Vessels VIII Division 1
  • Pressure Vessels Section VIII Division 2
  • Pressure Vessels Section VIII Division 3
  • Reinforced Plastic Vessels Section X
  • Transports Tank Section XII

There are now over 6,500 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Certification Program holders, and this includes MaXfield. Our company is always dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment and part of this includes safety. When a customer contacts us at one of our Western Canada facilities looking for an exceptional pressure vessel solution, we know that safety is one of their highest priorities and that's why our ASME certifications are so important to us.

You can view our complete certifications for pressure vessels and more here:

Find out more about MaXfield's stringent safety standards here:

If you'd like to know more about MaXfield's dedication to safety and quality, contact us today on (403) 258-3680.

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