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Pressure vessels are used in a variety of industries including but not limited to: oil refineries, drilling sites, petrochemical plants, and mining. Pressure vessels are closed containers that are engineered to hold pressurized liquids or gases. Continue reading the blog below to find out how engineers at MaXfield can design, fabricate, manufacture and repair pressure vessels for any project.

At the core of MaXfield our bread and butter has been designing and manufacturing pressure assets. If your industry requires pressure vessels that need greater capacity or go beyond initially planned thresholds, MaXfield provides the solution. Our experienced and expert engineers have the ability to design pressure assets that will work for any sized project, big or small. MaXfield has continuously evolved in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels right up to a capacity of 120,000 gallons.

For your specialized and fabricated pressure vessel, MaXfield also will design and fabricate an accompanying structural skid or trailer that is required to mount your new assets. The skids and trailers are built at our Crossfield facility and the skids can weigh up to 150,000 pounds. On our skid mounted modules we build complete plant facilities and pre-assemble the system to make sure it runs safely and properly. MaXfield then disassembles the system and has it transported to your site where it will be reassembled and ready for use.

Safety begins at the design process, continues at the manufacturing and testing points and is emphasized during transportation to the field. MaXfield’s mandate is to fabricate pressure vessels of any size and capacity that your company requires. We understand the challenges that projects in oil and gas, mining, natural gas and other industries can demand and our engineers have a wealth of experience in delivering safe pressure vessels that will fulfill those challenging requests.

MaXfield's manufacturing of pressure vessels is our pride, and that means we put the best foot forward in every scenario.

To find out more about what MaXfield can do for you, contact our office today on (403) 258-3680.


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