Staying Organized with OATS

Online Asset Management System

Sometimes it seems like everything hinges on paperwork. A single misplaced document can mean the difference between the hum of activity and the deafening silence of stalled work. Keeping track of the paperwork associated with your assets can be a hassle. Overflowing filing cabinets, misplaced files and lost documents can cause a tremendous headache.  Whether you are looking to sell a piece of equipment or renew your insurance having your papers in order is paramount.

To help our customers keep track of their assets and the associated paperwork MaXfield created OATS, our Online Asset Tracking System. This system allows you to track all of the repairs, maintenance, incident reports and other support services you receive from MaXfield and store the documentation securely in the cloud. This allows you to keep your paperwork secure and organized and lets you access it from anywhere in the world at any time. OATS also lets you save you and your staff time because you do not need to search for physical copies of documents. All records are available with just a few clicks and are kept safe from water and fire damage.

OATS gives you access to:

  • Safety certificates
  • Full copies of each units Five Year Test results
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Reports on annual inspection findings
  • All documents related to repairs, inspections, services, upgrades, overhauls or unusual work.

Should you ever choose to sell one of your assets you can also easily transfer all of the appropriate documentation to the buyer smoothly and efficiently.

For more information on OATS and other MaXfield services contact us today at 403.258.3680 and visit

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