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There is a reason MaXfield is known for our products. All products that we manufacture are expertly designed and rigorously tested. Our multi step design and testing process allows us to ensure that all our products can stand up to the rigors of field use before they are implemented. This process involves several steps:

  1. Design
    First our team of expert engineers ensure that every concept and new product idea is executable. They do this by performing the necessary calculations and analysis required to transform a design into a full set of drawings and specifications using state of the art design and drafting software. This allows us to ensure that every piece of every item we build can operate safely and reliably under the real life conditions it will be subjected to once it is implemented in the field. In this stage the product is physically optimized so that all parts work together in harmony.

    A large component of the design phase is dedicated to ensuring that the product meets all codes and regulations that define safety standards to ensure both operator and public safety. Our safety expertise is recognized throughout the industries we serve, and MaXfield engineers are often members of code committees. These committees ensure that all proposed changes to safety and technical regulations are both effective and practical.

  2. Modeling and Prototyping
    The next step involves thoroughly testing a prototype of the product before it is brought to market. This is achieved using 3D modelling software which allows us to subject new designs to simulated tests. By observing where stresses show up we are able to evaluate potential weak spots in designs and modify the design as necessary.

    Once the model is refined we build a full-scale working model and subject it to rigorous field testing. We then make any necessary modifications to ensure the product will work smoothly and stand up over time. If the revised product passes all tests and holds up to all safety standards it is then ready for manufacturing.

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