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Part of the MaXfield advantage is our new Online Asset Tracking System, or OATS. We recognise that all of our customers have unique businesses and as such have unique business needs. Here at MaXfield we are committed to providing our customers with a full service package that has been optimized to suit their individual businesses needs.

OATS allows our customers to access their online records so they can better track and optimize their MaXfield pressure assets. This allows them to track repairs, incident reports, general maintenance and all the other types of service support that you receive from MaXfield through a convenient, centralized hub which you can access from anywhere in the world your business takes you.

You are a busy person, you do not have time to waste rifling through filing cabinets and hunting for wayward documents. By digitizing the documents related to your MaXfield pressure assets you are able to ensure that you can always access the documents you need, when you need them. And with your documents stored in the OATS system you do not have to worry about your documents being lost or misplaced.

Your OATS account will give you access to your:

  • Safety certificates
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Reports on Annual Inspection findings
  • A full copy of each unit’s Five Year Test result
  • All records related to repairs, upgrades, inspections, services, overhauls or unusual work.

For more information on MaXfields OATS, or to sit down and discuss your next project, give us a call at our Calgary Sales office at 403.258.3680 or email us at For more information, visit today.

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