The Storage and Transportation of LPG for the Global Market

The Storage and Transportation of LPG for the Global Market

New export facilities along the Pacific coast proposed

With a current surplus of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in stock for several Western Canadian producers, the industry is proposing that new export facilities should be made along the Pacific coast in order to sell the fuel to the global market. Continue reading this week’s blog to find out how MaXfield designs pressure vessels and transport skids for the LPG industry.

The price of LPG in North America is lower compared to global markets including Asia and the reason is contributed to the increased shale production in the US. Add to the formula an increasing emphasis on exporting crude oil and natural gas; the price of LPG remains lower while the inventory piles up. With export terminals located in Washington State and Oregon, the storage of LPG vessels and its transportation to these sites becomes an important focal point.

The storage and transportation of LPG vessels has strict regulations in Canada and abroad. A great deal of engineering is required to ensure that LPG can be transported safely and efficiently to exporting facilities. Here at MaXfield our team of Professional Engineers and designers has an impeccable track record in designing various types of pressure equipment for all areas of the oil and gas sector. To reach facilities for the purpose of exporting globally to places like Asia, LPG cargo transport vessels need to be engineered and manufactured to strict specifications, ensuring that B-train trailers can withstand factors such as dynamic loading, liquid sloshing, and crash protection all while achieving weight proper weight distributions and vehicle dynamics. 


With fuels like LPG becoming popular and it’s current surplus in Canada it’s important to have facilities operating along the pacific coast so the fuel can be exported to global markets, where it has a higher value. At MaXfield we continue to design, fabricate, manufacture and test pressure vessels that can transport LPG safely across both Canada and the oil industry.  For more information on MaXfield’s line of pressure vessels and custom manufactured pressure assets, contact our sales department in Calgary at (403) 258-3680.

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