Where Can I Find a Pressure Vessel Manufacturer in Alberta?

Pressure assets are at the core of our business at MaXfield. Some of the longest-serving members of our management team started out building pressure assets as early as the 1970s. Today, MaXfield is a leading pressure vessel manufacturer in Alberta, thanks to its years of experience and commitment to continued quality products, innovation and training.

Our pressure vessel manufacturing takes place in Crossfield, Alberta, and the facility are ASME certifications for all of its productions:

  • “U” Certificate No. 13,551 for Pressure Asset Manufacture (Div. 1)
  • “U2” Certificate No. 37,686 for Pressure Asset Manufacture (Div. 2)
  • “S” Certificate No. 31,238 for Power Boiler Manufacture

We pride ourselves as being a custom pressure vessel manufacturer thanks to the skilled and highly experienced team of engineers and tradespeople at our Crossfield facility. For MaXfield, the pressure vessel business was getting so busy that two years ago we added a preparation building at the Crossfield site measuring 12,000 square feet, allowing us additional efficiencies in order to meet demands.

The Crossfield facility holds an “R” Certificate No. R-6709 for Repair and Alteration of Pressure Equipment from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Asset Inspectors (NBBI), among others, which are listed on our Certifications page.

We believe that our commitment to safety, training and professional certification are part of the reason why our pressure vessel manufacturing operations in Alberta have been so widely successful, and have become the driving force behind MaXfield’s growth across Western Canada.

For more information on what MaXfield’s highly skilled team of professionals can do for your business, contact our sales centre in Calgary at (403) 258-3680 or use the contact form below.

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