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MaXfield has been one of Canada’s top producers of pressure asset transport units since 2002, but with strong roots reaching back to Western Rock Bit Co. Ltd, which was founded in 1962. Today, we continue to produce top quality pressure asset transport units, and are known for our strong commitment to safety.

One of the cornerstones of safety is regular inspections, something we pride ourselves on doing well and often. We use a variety of techniques during our comprehensive pressure vessel inspections so that we can diagnose and correct any subsurface or surface anomalies that could indicate cracking or fracturing. We also look at the overall health of the asset, and determine whether repairs are necessary or possible, or if the vessel needs to be retired from service.

Unfortunately, without thorough and regular inspections serious issues such as cracks or fractures will only become apparent when the pressurized container ruptures, spilling potentially toxic substances and causing excessive damage to the environment and the community.

One of the weakest points on a pressure asset transport unit is the nozzles. If a nozzle is not properly secured it can compromise the structural integrity of the entire pressurized container. That is why an important part of our safety inspections involve assessing all nozzles on the unit for any signs of stress, cracks or fracturing that could be indicators of larger and more serious problems.

So why take the chance? Invest in your pressure asset transport units and the health and safety of your employees and the public by getting your units inspected regularly by MaXfield.

To book your next safety inspection contact our Calgary office at 403.258.3680 and visit maxfield.ca today.

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