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How MaXfield is Helping Canada Diversify its Energy Sources

Canadians require a lot of energy to meet their energy needs. With the Oil and Gas sector experiencing its largest slump in decades all Canadians stands to suffer unless we can diversify to make up the difference as oil companies scale back operations and produce less oil and gas than before.

Because of the uncertainty in the oil and gas sector alternative forms of energy generation such as wind farms are becoming even more popular. Every province in Canada uses wind farms to supplement their provincial energy grids as Canada’s population continues to increase.  

MaXfield, well known for producing equipment for companies involved in Canada’s traditional energy sources such as mining, and oil and gas also produces equipment for wind farms across the country. MaXfield is one of the leading producers in wind generator masts, an integral part of any wind farm.

Alberta was one of Canada’s original adopters of wind farms as a source of energy. With the wide open prairies and our chinook weather patterns Alberta and wind power energy generation were a perfect match.

Though the Oil and Gas sector will continue to provide us with energy Albertans realize that it is never wise to rely on only one source of energy to meet our needs. By diversifying our sources we will be able to ensure Alberta’s energy needs are met for decades to come. MaXfield is here to help, providing top quality wind generator masts backed by our mission to engineer all of our products with a focus on safety, value and integrity.

Here at MaXfield we know how to balance safety with cost effectiveness, ensuring that your equipment meets the highest safety standards without costing more than it needs to. We also provide all of our customers with access to our Online Asset Tracking System, OATS, ensuring you always have access to the important records you need wherever you are.

To find out more about MaXfield and the equipment we produce call us today at 403.258.3680 and visit our website at

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