Winter Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Winter Driving Calgary

Driving in winter can be treacherous, especially for individuals transporting hazardous materials. Here are 5 things you can do to help keep your driver’s safe this winter.

  1. Make sure your truck is in peak condition
    That last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere, or to have a part fail and cause an accident. That is why it is important to ensure that your trucks are inspected regularly by experts like those at MaXfield, and have any necessary repairs completed before they go out on the road. MaXfield even makes it easy to track all the paperwork with their Online Asset Tracking System.

  2. Always err on the side of caution
    You and your employees are experts of your trade. Ensure your employees know that if something about the condition of their trucks is giving them a bad feeling it is always best to pull over and check that everything is alright. This can help avoid accidents, and is especially important if your company is transporting hazardous materials. Make sure your employees know that the same goes for road conditions: If they aren’t sure if it is safe then don’t risk it. Safety is more important than any deadline.

  3. Rest frequently
    Though most transport companies have guidelines in place to ensure drivers have enough time each day to rest and eat some drivers may be tempted to skip or skimp on rest time in order to make a deadline. A driver who is fatigued by hunger or lack of sleep will have their judgement and reflexes impaired, and puts themselves and other people on the road at risk. Make sure your employees understand that safety is the company’s top priority

  4. Keep your distance
    Make sure your employees know how much room to leave between their vehicle and the vehicles ahead of and behind them. This distance needs to be increased when conditions are poor. Drivers should also avoid driving as part of a “pack”, when multiple vehicles are clumped together. Make sure your employees understand the safety aspects of leaving enough room

  5. Be prepared
    Though it is good practice to always plan ahead and be prepared this is especially important in winter. Make sure your employees understand the importance of keeping their gas tanks topped off. This not only helps ensure they won’t run out of gas but also gives the truck extra weight over the tires and improves traction. You should also make sure that all trucks are equipped with an emergency kit, including a blanket, fresh water, food and a flashlight.

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