Storage Bullets

Maxfield is the largest  and only true NGL Bullet manufacturer in Canada. Maxfield routinely manufactures Bullets from 60,000 USWG to 160,000 USWG. As an Alberta based shop Maxfield is well equipped to service the requirements and specifications of the Largest Oil & Gas clients.  With one of the largest stress relieving ovens at a fabrication facility sour service vessels are easily accommodated.  Maxfield’s commitment to Bullet manufacturing means we have large amounts of SA516-70N plate on hand that is purchased directly from North American steel mills. This means you avoid paying 3rd party mark ups on the raw steel and its associated processing. Maxfield’s monthly production capacity is unmatched and our fully integrated approach means the lowest possible cost for our clients.

Maxfield Advantages:

  • Largest monthly Capacity
  • Quick Lead times
  • Largest amount of steel inventory
  • Onsite Stress Relieving (PWHT)