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Here’s where we really shine. As a MaXfield customer, you can count on our support, our understanding and our commitment to helping you achieve your objectives for the asset, component, system or transport unit that we design and fabricate or service for you. You’re why we exist as a business, and every member of our team understands this.

We continually tell our employees that every customer is “your” customer — because it’s the customer who pays us and keeps the company operating successfully. When you deal with MaXfield, you’ll find people with experience and a broad range of skills, people who are committed to high-quality manufacturing, satisfying your design and performance requirements, achieving fast turnarounds and getting it done right, the first time.

At MaXfield, you’ll find people who are engaged with you, enthusiastic about doing business and who work with a straightforward, honest, get-it-done attitude. Further, our people are empowered to make decisions and solve problems. And you’ll have direct access to many of the people working on your project — not just a voice on the phone or a lengthening chain of e-mails. All of that contributes to your having a high-quality experience.

Combine that with the convenience of a one-stop shop for design and fabrication of compressed gas systems — and you have a winning combination that works for you.

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