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Delivery and Reliability

Delivering on our commitments is a major priority with everyone at MaXfield. Our philosophy of, “Get it done right, the first time” is more than a saying, it’s a simple and blunt way of guiding how we operate — so that our customers get what they need built, get it built well and get it done on time. Internally, we constantly remind ourselves of our commitment that, when we say we’re going to do something, let’s do it.

We also understand that our customer’s projects, ideas and needs evolve, often after we’ve started a job. A new natural gas field is outperforming, so the half-built processing plant we’ve started to build for you already needs to be expanded. A company has just acquired a competitor and suddenly needs to upgrade or standardize an equipment fleet. Or, you’ve just learned things that you didn’t know before that change the specs of the items you’ve ordered. At MaXfield, we do everything in our power to meet design and spec changes without unduly slowing down the delivery schedule.

As well as serving distributors and various end-users, we do a lot of work with engineering firms and other manufacturers. We know you source much of your work through competitive bidding, and we understand the pressures that brings. When you’re in the bidding cycle with MaXfield as a proposed subcontractor, we’re committed to answering your questions and getting you bid clarifications quickly and accurately, so that you make the deadline and submit a complete proposal. We want you to win that bid, and we’ll do everything we can to help make it happen.

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