Energy Processing

You’ll find MaXfield’s custom-manufactured products all along the value chain of the hydrocarbon stream. Today we’re also offering our capabilities to the mining sector.

We make equipment used in hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas wells, equipment for moving commodities to processing plants, components used in the processing facility, skid-mounted plant modules, equipment used in servicing the plants, parts and components used in moving the extracted product downstream, and refinery assets. From there, we have a strong presence in the distribution of propane and anhydrous ammonia — supplying equipment used to transport, store and handle the products destined for retail users.

Most of our competitors serve specific segments, or only part of the process, such as specialized fabrication but not field assembly, or serve only one or two phases of the resource cycle. At MaXfield, we have steadily broadened our product offering, from production testing tanks and hydraulic fracturing tanks and assets, to pipe spooling, assembly and packaging. In other words, MaXfield supports the oil and natural gas industry from before the resource is found until the refined product is consumed in an industrial facility, residence or farm!

As a customer, you want consistently high-quality workmanship, all specifications and codes met, and a supplier who respects delivery schedules. That’s MaXfield. As a MaXfield customer you’ll also benefit by having secure, private access to the complete service records of every piece of equipment we supply, using our in-house Online Asset Tracking System (OATS).

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