The MaXfield PRU is an ideal solution for providing fuel gas to equipment in remote locations. Utilizing Compressed Natural Gas delivered in trailers with pressures up to 4000 Psi, the PRU can maintain a reliable fuel gas supply at a wide variety of desired pressures. 

These units are designed using an indirect fired heater to manage the temperature decrease associated with a high pressure drop. This allows for operators with no special certifications to be able to run these units in most jurisdictions. It also allows flexibility when deploying these units, as the setup is able to be adjusted for various fuel gas compositions and altitudes that may be encountered.

The conservative design of the process on these units allows for the potential to deliver higher temperature fuel gas to the end users. This has a greater diesel displacement for most heavy horsepower equipment that may be hooked up to run off of the MaXfield PRU.

  • Designed to deliver 75,000 SCFH of Natural Gas at operator determined pressures and temperatures
  • Stand Alone design requires no outside power or fuel to start and maintain the unit operation
  • Transport features have been designed to allow set up in less than 30 minutes
  • Built at a rugged 17,000 pounds, the PRU can easily be towed onsite using a one-ton pickup truck
  • No special certifications required for unit operation
  • Advanced electronic user interface is ready to receive buyer supplied electronic communication monitoring system to ensure timely dispatch of replacement fuel tankers

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