Propane Distribution and Marketing

We provide a comprehensive lineup of equipment for the propane distribution sector. If you’re in the propane distribution business, you can count on MaXfield for top-quality design, manufacture, assembly and packaging of any component in your delivery system.

Take our knowledge of the codes and regulations governing LPG distribution in all the regions where we do business, add in our top manufacturing quality, long experience and dedication to fast turnaround of our customers’ orders — and you have a winning combination. You can trust MaXfield for honest service and integrity — everything we manufacture is safe and up to code, but we don’t oversell, over-design or overbuild. You get a product of the right specifications and capacity, so you don’t spend more than you should have to.

And don’t overlook these additional benefits of doing business with MaXfield:

  • Permanent customer access to the complete service records, inspection reports, specifications and certificates/documentation of everything we build for you, using our in-house Online Asset Tracking System (OATS);
  • Certified re-testing as required by regulations; and
  • Field servicing of the systems we install.

Here’s what MaXfield offers:

  • LPG transport, storage, transfer and process equipment
  • LPG vaporizers and pump packages
  • LPG dispensers
  • Custom LPG equipment packages
  • Storage assets
  • Vaporizer packages
  • Dispenser packages
  • Load-out facilities
  • Pump packages
  • LPG baffle tanks

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