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We design, fabricate and retest truck and transport units for pressure asset service. Our fabrication and assembly capacity spans everything on the trailer — the asset itself, plus the support/pumping equipment, right down to the running lights and mud flaps.

You’re looking for high-quality materials and workmanship, quick turnarounds and assurance that a new or overhauled unit is up to all codes and regulations. MaXfield delivers on all counts. This is an area of leadership for MaXfield — one of our core services going back far beyond the company’s founding, to the MaXfield team’s experience at predecessor companies.

Recently there have been numerous changes in codes and regulations governing trucks mounted with pressure assets. We are continually up-to-date on all of them. In fact, we have direct input into the process, as MaXfield’s engineering staff sit on provincial code committees. That means you can be sure every MaXfield transport unit is up to the latest standards — whether it’s a new build or a repair/overhaul.

Other advantages of choosing MaXfield for your pressure asset transport needs include:

Here’s what we make:

  • Bobtails/bulk delivery units
  • Mobile storage
  • Multi-axle trains and trailers
  • Cryogenic cargo transports
  • Custom cargo transports

MaXfield has been building B-trains for LPG and NH3 service for over 20 years.  Over these years we have developed the industry leading B-train. 

Some of the features:

  • Robust Design
    • Our B-trains have been in service for years and are built for the rugged conditions of Canada.  
  • Light Weight
    • We have developed many concepts to reduce weight to maximize payload.  This has resulted in the lightest b-train on the market.
  • Fastest Loading and Unloading Times
    • Our experience has allowed us to develop solutions to load and unload the trailers quickly while ensuring the system is as safe as possible. 
    • We have extensive experience in developing solutions specific for customer installations.
  • Attention to Quality
    • We focus on items that most manufacturers overlook such as:
      • Buff and polish all visible welds to ensure no bleed through of paint over the long term
      • Soldered and heat shrink all connections
      • Compression nut fitting on all air lines
  • Focus on Safety
    • MaXfield performs a brake timing test on all units to ensure the wheels are braking at the same time; the regulations only require us to test the overall design however MaXfield tests each individual unit to ensure each is working properly.
    • Our engineers have developed the best balanced trailer for pulling; ensuring the trail unit does not drift.
  • Lowest Long Term Maintenance Costs
    • The piping system is setup for easy access and replacement all all components.
    • The same is true of the electrical system; with junction boxes located in areas accessible. 

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