Service And Repair

With 6 locations; 5 across Canada and 1 in the USA, Maxfield LP and its sister companies offer a complete network of Propane/LPG service and repair facilities. Each facility is certified to inspect, test and repair or modify LPG Vessels/Tanks and pressurized cargo transports units including Bob-Tails, Trailers and B-Trains.

Under certifications in accordance with Transport Canada’s Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, TC MC-331, CSA- B-620 and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, MaXfield’s facilities provide inspections and tests mandated by the Canadian Government for in-service highway transport units, including M-1, M-5 and repairs.

MaXfield’s facilities can build, mount and assemble new Propane Delivery Vessels or remount an existing Delivery Vessel to new truck chassis’, complete and ready for certified, metered trade deliveries.

A number of customers rely solely on Maxfield’s On-Line Asset Tracking System (OATS ) to manage their required compliance Data, repairs or new purchases. OATS provides pro-active scheduling of Inspections, to prevent out of services during major delivery periods.

Through ABSA and other Provincial Boilers Jurisdictions, MaXfield can refurbish, alter or repair propane storage vessels/tanks and provide 10-Year Internal Inspections.  MaXfield offers Field Service for Site and Facility Upgrades along with Inspections.

MaXfield stocks and services 500 USWG, 1,000 USWG and 2,000 USWG Domestic Propane Tanks in Crossfield, AB, Saskatoon, SK and Brandon MB.