Customized Process Equipment

Several years ago MaXfield launched a program to develop solutions for our customers for customized process equipment. Since this launch we have completed many different packages from inlet separators to oil treating packages. Our team is capable of working with a set of inlet and outlet requirements to develop the optimal solution.

We have developed a suite of technology partners that will work with us to provide our customers with the optimal solution for their needs. Everything looks like a nail when the only tool you have is a hammer; we have worked hard to develop a suite of partners to being a broad array of technology to the market. This allows our team to develop the optimal solution for our customer’s specific processing needs.

Our experience allows us to take these technology solutions and develop them into a package that can be delivered in a “plug and play” concept. We realize that field costs drive a lot of cost overruns on projects; however it isn’t always a default to perform all the work in our shop. Often there is a balance that must be design the package for the lowest cost possible and perform the work where it makes sense.

The engineering team within MaXfield also works with a variety of other manufacturers and services providers to deliver the most value to our customers. Not all fabrication facilities are optimized for all products, sometimes it makes sense to build parts of a project or equipment in other facilities.

Utilizing the Maxfield team to develop the process equipment solutions will help ensure the project comes in on time and on budget. Give us a call and we would be glad to tell you more! 

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