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“Come to MaXfield with an idea, and we’ll design the solution.” Design is the conceptual development of equipment, components or complete packages that achieve your objectives.

MaXfield’s capabilities go far beyond building to spec — although we do that too. Our design team will take your concept, or simply your description of what you're trying to achieve, and come up with the solution. Then our engineering department turns it into specifications and drawings. You’ll have direct access to the designer and engineer to ensure that what we develop is really what you had in mind.

As well as designing to individual demand, MaXfield is continually turning out new products to meet the evolving needs in the industries we serve. Today’s economy has a lot of moving parts, and things are constantly changing. Farm equipment keeps on getting bigger, the trucking sector adds axles, natural gas producers want greater processing efficiency. That means the associated equipment needs to keep getting bigger, more capable and more effective as well.

MaXfield is a leader. As trucking capacities have increased, we have enlarged our stainless steel and high-tensile steel tanks and increased pumping capabilities to match the pace. The adoption of wider cultivators by agricultural producers drove the advent of single and twin delivery units, which in turn demanded greater pumping rates and efficiency. Structural skid design is a large part of what we do, ensuring our customers get the best product that fits their needs, every time.

At MaXfield, we’ve continually rolled out new products. In many cases, our competitors copy what we do!

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