Product Development

MaXfield is far more than a fabrication shop — we’re able to design, engineer, manufacture and package products to suit specific customer needs. 

Working out of well equipped, recently expanded facilities across western Canada totaling more than 134,000 square feet of shop space. Our teams of experienced designers, engineers, tradespeople and support personnel take our customers’ ideas and transform them into tough, reliable and effective engineered solutions for the processing, storage, transport and handling of compressed gases.

When you call MaXfield, you don’t need a set of drawings or a spec sheet. All you need is an idea. You tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and our expert designers, engineers and fabricators will come up with the solution that works for you.

One day, all you’ve got is a few pencil jottings on a restaurant napkin. Just a few weeks — sometimes even a few days — later, it’s a completed ASME code pressure asset, LPG distribution system or pressurized cargo tanker, ready to be put into field service. And we strive to do better all the time, continually upgrading or adding to our machinery, processes, size and capabilities.

This is done by starting with detailed modelling and prototyping; solid engineering and complete designs.

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