Structural Skid Fabrication and Manufacturing

Structural skid fabrication is a core service enabled by our enlarged and improved Crossfield facility. We build skids weighing up to 150,000 pounds, including challenging steel structures incorporating complex design and engineering required to meet the point loads of the equipment packages that will be mounted.

Our current skid sizes range from 5’x10’ up to 18’x120’ and feature I-beams up to 36” in height. MaXfield’s structural skids are built either to take MaXfield-fabricated pressure assets and equipment packages (such as natural gas processing plant components), or to support components manufactured by others, such as heat exchangers, or a combination of both.

We have the ability to package complete plant facilities on our skid-mounted modules, designed and engineered with all the required connection points. We’ll pre-assemble the system in our controlled plant environment to ensure it works, then disassemble it, ship it to the field and re-assemble it at your site.

That’s a rare combination of capability and flexibility, part of MaXfield’s one-stop shop capability to maximize convenience and performance for our customers.

hop for design and fabrication of compressed gas systems — and you have a winning combination that works for you.

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