Highway Trailers

Maxfield holds the largest inventory of active TCRN’s for TC331 specification transport trailers in Canada. Maxfield’s inhouse engineering team has the experience and knowledge to design product optimized trailers for the most demanding application.

Maxfield Advantages:

  • Light Weight
  • Quickest Lead Times
  • Ideal balance for an easy pull
  • Industry leading load/unload times
  • Fully Customizable
  • Unsurpassed quality

Maxfield carries a large inventory of T1 plate, axles and components to ensure our delivery times are as short as possible. Maxfield’s 120,000 sqft shop allows us to build more trailers per month than any other shop in Canada allowing our customers to turn their investment into profit as quickly as possible.

Maxfield is proud to offer Marshall Excelsior products to the Canadian market. Marshall Excelsior is a leader in innovative products that support the LPG & NH3 transport markets.