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With the economy continuing to struggle many Canadian companies are having trouble staying competitive. To try and stay in the black some companies turn to traditional cost cutting strategies such as selling their assets, slashing salaries or laying off employees. However, one of the largest hidden costs faced by many companies is repair and maintenance, and this cost is often not carefully considered. Keeping your equipment running is integral to keeping your business going, but if your equipment isn’t maintained properly it could be costing you a significant amount of money.

In order to ensure your equipment is running at peak efficiency, and that it is safe to remain in operation, MaXfield is able to perform government mandated inspections and tests. Our inspection and testing services cover LPG, anhydrous ammonia, oil and natural gas, cryogenic systems as well as pressurized cargo transports. MaXfield is able to provide mobile inspection crews who will visit your site in order to perform annual visual inspections. Five year tests are performed at one of our three facilities across western Canada. If your equipment is found to be in need of service MaXfield is able to quickly perform the necessary repairs and maintenance at one of our well equipped facilities. We are also able to custom manufacture units should one of your units reach the end of its life. Our ability to custom design and manufacture equipment means that your unit will include all the capabilities and features that you need. This not only saves you time but also money because you do not need to ship your unit between various sites and businesses in order to get it up and running again.

All MaXfield units are designed to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure, letting you keep downtime to a minimum. All paperwork related to your unit including maintenance reports, repair documentation, insurance documents and incident reports is filed in our Online Asset Tracking System (OATS). OATS allows you to access your documents from anywhere in the world, day or night with just a few clicks. This reduces the amount of time spend searching for important documents and ensures that your documents are kept safe. If you wish to sell a unit you can easily transfer all the necessary documentation to the purchaser.

Keeping your equipment in good condition increases efficiency and reduces the amount of unscheduled downtime needed for unexpected repairs and maintenance. This, combined with an efficient online paperwork tracking system means less downtime and less unexpected surprises, allowing you to stay competitive.

For more information on testing, inspections and maintenance, or to book an inspection, contact us today at 403.258.3680 and visit

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