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Authorized Installers

Our engineers have the expertise and experience to help your team through the design process. Upon completion of the design process, we have partnerships with authorized installers to assist you with the installation of your compressed gas storage solution, and to ensure you’ll be in compliance with state and federal regulations.


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Repairs & Testing

With 6 locations; 5 across Canada and 1 in the USA Maxfield and its sister companies offer the most complete network of compressed gas service and repair facilities. Each facility is certified to inspect, test and repair LPG, anhydrous ammonia (NH3), cryogenic and pressurized cargo transports. Don’t get stuck with the additional downtime and costs of having a unit inspected at a facility that is not authorized to make repairs.

With the support of our inhouse engineering department Maxfield in uniquely equipped to perform specialized accident repair, vessel repair or other complex tasks.
Each inspection is loaded into our online asset tracking system (OATS). This gives our customer the ability to access and retrieve their inspection data via the cloud at any time. A number of customers rely solely on Maxfield’s OATS system to manage their compliance Data.

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