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Maxfield offers proven designs that maximizes carrying capacity and delivery efficiencies. Whether it’s a new build or a remount, Maxfield can accommodate single, tandem or triaxle builds. Maxfield engineering team is happy to assist with chassis selection and specification eliminating potential rework at time of build.
Maxfield Advantages:

Bulk Storage

Maxfield is the industry leader in LPG storage tank manufacturing. In partnership with our sister company Pro-Par Inc, Maxfield provides Canadian made 500 USWG to 120,000 USWG LPG storage tanks. Maxfield stocks a wide variety of completed tanks and plate for new builds ensuring we have the shortest lead times in the industry. Maxfield offer a variety of standard or customizable pumping packages and bulkheads.
Maxfield Advantages:

Cryogenic Transport & Storage

Maxfield now offers design and fabrication for Cryogenically stored gases Liquid Nitrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). We build all TC/MC 338 and TC/CGA 341 specification trailers and storage vessels as large as 60,000 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG).

As we transition to fuels with a lower carbon intensity it is important for us to have Cryogenic capabilities to support our customers as they support the growth of alternative fuel demands. We’re proud to be one of the only manufacturers of Cryogenic equipment in Canada. It’s important to have equipment designed for the harsh conditions that remote Canadian locations present.


From 500 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG) to 20,000 USWG, Maxfield manufactures propane dispensers that are reliable and easy to use. Horizontal and vertical space-saving models incorporate simplified piping and intuitive hook-ups. Options include Auto-Propane Metered Fill, Cylinder Fill or both, full size cabinet, scale and attached lighting fixtures.

Domestic Tanks

Maxfield stocks ASME Domestic Propane Tanks with CRN Registration for across Canada, ranging from 320 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG), 500 USWG, 1,000 USWG to 2,000 USWG, at their facilities in Crossfield, AB, Saskatoon, SK, and Brandon, MB. Tanks are valved, shipped under vacuum and powdered coated or painted white for durability and protection from weathering elements.

Pricing is in Canadian dollars. Truck-load pricing of various quantities of domestic tanks can be provided, FOB Destination.


Maxfield holds the largest inventory of active TCRN’s for TC331 specification transport trailers in Canada. Maxfield’s in-house engineering team has the experience and knowledge to design product optimized trailers for the most demanding application.

Maxfield carries a large inventory of T1 plate, axles and components to ensure our delivery times are as short as possible. Maxfield’s 120,000 sqft shop allows us to build more trailers per month than any other shop in Canada allowing our customers to turn their investment into profit as quickly as possible.
Maxfield is proud to offer Marshall Excelsior products to the Canadian market. Marshall Excelsior is a leader in innovative products that support the LPG & NH3 transport markets.
Maxfield Advantages:


For times when the utmost in versatility and flexibility is needed, we offer skids as they are an excellent option for easy transport. Winch on skids are also available to completely eliminate the need for an onsite crane. Maxfield can provide a fully integrated pumping and piping system to the tank and skid assembly to truly make site installation 
a breeze.

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