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MaXfield may be known for our custom designed pressure assets, pipe spooling, and structural skids but we are really in the business of customer satisfaction. That is why we don’t just take the pieces we have designed and strap them to a skid for shipping. We are a fully integrated solutions provider that is more than happy to assemble your product before shipping, offering our customers speed and convenience.

MaXfield offers full assembly services on all of our products, so that we can provide you with a turn key solution that you can unwrap and put to work as soon as it arrives at your door. We also are more than happy to take third-party components that we don’t manufacture (such as heat exchangers) and incorporate them into the system we have designed and built for you so that your system is ready to go as soon as you receive it, without any unnecessary assembly.

By offering fully integrated design and manufacturing we are able to offer our customers convenience, speed, reliability and a single point of accountability. MaXfield fully tests all products before they leave our facilities. This way we can assure a quality product from concept to delivery, and provide the best servicing and upgrading as the product requires it.

By taking control, and accepting accountability, for the entire process MaXfield is able to ensure that all finished systems, including those with third party parts, are up to our high safety and quality standards. Offering fully integrated systems helps us, and you, keep track of all the products we create for you as well as their servicing, maintenance and upgrades. You can also access all the documentation regarding your fully integrated system through our Online Asset Tracking System (OATS) wherever you are. This helps you track maintenance and provide documentation for insurance purposes and/or sale.

For more information on our fully integrated assembly services, or to start planning your next project, contact MaXfield today at 403.258.3680 and visit


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