Industries and Products Overview

MaXfield’s core competencies are designing, fabricating and packaging pressure assets, pipe spooling, structural skids, cargo transports and associated equipment and components for our five focus industries. Our customers include energy producers, service and supply companies, engineering firms, other manufacturers, distributors, dealers and end-users. Our complementary presence in the five industries levers our core skills and creates advantages for our customers — for example, our unparalleled expertise in the area of codes and regulations, and our wide range of certifications.

We don’t just make parts — we design, fabricate and package working equipment, components, modules, even entire plants including the skids they’re mounted on. That makes MaXfield a one-stop solution — a big leg up over many competitors. This focus has positioned us along the entire oil and natural gas value chain — from exploration for the commodities, through processing and refining, all the way to their end-use as finished products like propane and fertilizer.

You can count on MaXfield for:

  • Top-quality workmanship and materials;
  • Understanding what our customers want and need;
  • Ability to design equipment from the concept stage, providing a custom solution;
  • Our straightforward, honest, get-it-done attitude;
  • Safety;
  • Up-to-date understanding of codes, regulations and certifications;
  • Fast-turnarounds — we know that for our customers, wasted time equals lost revenue; and
  • Getting it done right the first time.

Our strategic focus on five industries means we’re always there for you, with our full capabilities and capacities, throughout the ups and downs of cycles in the individual sectors.

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