Field Services

In addition to our extensive experience in re-mounting and re-testing, both of which are performed at our facilities, MaXfield’s experts also work out in the field. We provide on-site field inspections of cargo transports, storage vessels, ammonia delivery units and farm wagon tanks all across western Canada. We also perform field installations and maintenance/upgrades of selected systems.

We provide expert field installation of pipe spooling and LPG equipment anywhere across western Canada.

We’d be pleased to visit your site to install an upgrade or conduct maintenance on any equipment used in LPG distribution or anhydrous ammonia distribution and application. We’ll inspect your existing equipment, assess what needs to be done and recommend a maintenance, repair or upgrade solution. We’ll work with you to choose an option that meets your needs and is safe, effective and economical.

Do you have a field site in the area of LPG distribution or anhydrous ammonia distribution or application that’s under-performing in some way? Do you suspect something might not be quite right, but are unsure what the cause could be? Either way, MaXfield can help!

We’ll send out a specialist to inspect your facility and check out whether everything’s working safely and efficiently. If not, they’ll zero in on what’s amiss and figure out ways to optimize your equipment — getting it to pump faster, more efficiently or more reliably. They’ll also advise you of any recent code changes and how to bring your system up to the latest standards.

MaXfield’s field technicians are certified experts. We’ve been providing this service for as long as the company has been around. It’s another way that MaXfield leads.

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